Victoria’s Forests & Bushfire Heritage

Brian Gibson – Senator

Brian Gibson was the first, and only, graduate of the Victorian School of Forestry to be elected to Federal Parliament. Brian commenced at VSF in 1954, following in the footsteps of both his father Kingsley (Ken) and an uncle, Colin, as students at the school. After graduation in 1956 Brian worked for the Forests CommissionContinue reading “Brian Gibson – Senator”

Alf Lawrence.

Alfred (Alf) Oscar Platt Lawrence, OBE, was an outstanding Victorian forester and community leader. In 1920 he began at the Victorian School of Forestry (VSF) at Creswick. Upon graduation in 1923 Alf was appointed as a cadet forester with the Forests Commission Victoria with his first country postings to Bright and Beaufort. He later studiedContinue reading “Alf Lawrence.”

Barmah Piles.

Most River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) are beautifully twisted and gnarled, but there are a number that are unusually tall and straight stems in the Barmah forest on the Murray River. They were often referred to as the Barmah Piles. They were sought out as “elite trees” for tree breeding purposes with the aim to grow straighterContinue reading “Barmah Piles.”


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Peter McHugh

Retiring in 2016 after nearly 40 years as a field forester and firefighter in Victoria I now find time to write about the forests and their rich history..


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This blog draws a selection of my original stories from a parrallel FaceBook Page.

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