Swashway Jetty.

Snake Island is Victoria’s largest sand island and is named after its elongated serpent shape, rather than the many slithering danger noodles that often lurk in the thick t-tree scrub. The place also abounds with introduced hog deer, migratory birds, koalas and gazillions of pesky mozzies. The uninhabited island is situated within Corner Inlet inContinue reading “Swashway Jetty.”

Ash Wednesday – 16 February 1983.

Prelude. In the lead up to the summer of 1982/83, most of Victoria experienced a severe drought, which began as early as 1979. Rainfall during the winter and spring of 1982 was low while summer rainfall for Victoria was up to 75% less than in previous years. The persistent low rainfall meant less moisture inContinue reading “Ash Wednesday – 16 February 1983.”

1983 Melbourne dust storm – countdown to catastrophe.

Victoria was in the grip of drought when Melbourne was smothered by a giant dust storm blown in from the mallee deserts during the afternoon of Tuesday 8 February 1983. Earlier in the morning a strong, but dry, cold front began crossing Victoria, preceded by hot, gusty northerly winds. The temperature in the city roseContinue reading “1983 Melbourne dust storm – countdown to catastrophe.”