Ancient Order of Foresters.

The Ancient Order of Foresters originated in England in 1834 and established its first “Court” in Victoria in 1849. Courts quickly sprang up in Melbourne along with major cities and towns across the Colony. Distinguished by its Latin motto “Unitas Benevolentia at Concordia” meaning Unity, Benevolence and Harmony. The Ancient Order of Foresters was establishedContinue reading “Ancient Order of Foresters.”

Forestry – an ancient and noble profession.

Over 800 years ago in 1217, all the rules that were contained in the Magna Carta which related to the Royal Forests were put into a separate “Charter of the Forest”. It begins …. Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Guyan and Earl of Anjou,Continue reading “Forestry – an ancient and noble profession.”

School Endowment Plantations.

An innovative School Endowment Plantation Scheme was initiated in 1922 as a joint venture between the Education Department and the Forests Commission Victoria (FCV). Mr William Gay, the former Principal of the Victorian School of Forestry resumed his role with the Education Department in 1922 and took responsibility for the Scheme under the guidance ofContinue reading “School Endowment Plantations.”

Frankston State Pine Plantation.

There are very few native softwoods in Victoria, and those that do exist, like cypress pine, grow too slowly to be suitable for large scale commercial plantations. From its earliest days in the 1830s, Victoria imported large quantities of softwoods, mostly from north America and Scandinavia. The need for local sources of softwood for furnitureContinue reading “Frankston State Pine Plantation.”

Gladys Sanderson – 1939 Bushfire Heroine.

Gladys Elizabeth Sanderson was the relieving Post Mistress at Noojee during the devasting Black Friday bushfires on January 13, 1939. She became famous for her unwavering bravery by continuing to keep the phone lines open and making calls to the Warragul Post Office, which she prefaced by the phrase “Noojee Calling”. The only person inContinue reading “Gladys Sanderson – 1939 Bushfire Heroine.”

Alfred Vernon Galbraith

Alfred Vernon Galbraith, or AVG as he was more commonly known, was a highly regarded and visionary leader of the Forests Commission Victoria (FCV). Galbraith trained as an accountant and became assistant town clerk at the City of Geelong at the age of 21, and later appointed chief clerk at the Country Roads Board. DuringContinue reading “Alfred Vernon Galbraith”