J W Lindt – Uncle Sam.

Any references to Australian landscape photography at the turn of last century must include John William Lindt and Nicholas John Caire. While both pursued different photographic trajectories, they were equally charmed by the area north of Healesville including Fernshaw, Black Spur, Narbethong and Marysville. And between them, they did much to popularise these magnificent forestsContinue reading “J W Lindt – Uncle Sam.”

Moscow Villa & Bill Ah Chow.

Moscow Villa has miraculously survived bushfires and vandalism, along with the ravages of time and weather, to become an iconic visitor destination in the remote State forests of East Gippsland. But few people know the remarkable story about the man who built it, Thomas William (Bill) Ah Chow. Bill was Chinese, ANZAC, farmer, roustabout, horseman,Continue reading “Moscow Villa & Bill Ah Chow.”

Soil Savers – Maisie Fawcett and Judge Stretton.

Soil erosion was identified as an emerging problem across rural Victoria almost immediately after the gold rush of the 1850s. The Royal Commission of 1897-1901 into the destruction and wastage of Victoria’s forests also identified the importance of protecting soils and forested water catchments. In 1917 an Erosion Inquiry Committee was formed by the MinisterContinue reading “Soil Savers – Maisie Fawcett and Judge Stretton.”