Toolangi Forest Discovery Centre.

The magnificent Toolangi Forest Discovery Centre (TFDC) was opened by the Minister for Natural Resources, Geoff Coleman, nearly 30 years ago on 14 February 1994 but its origins can be traced back many decades earlier. During the late 1960s, the Forests Commission Victoria (FCV) started to dip-its-toe into the world of public information and schools’Continue reading “Toolangi Forest Discovery Centre.”

Speedy Moisture Meter.

Bushfire behaviour is influenced by many things including temperature, relative humidity, forest type, fuel quantity and fuel dryness, topography and even slope. Wind has a dominant effect on the Rate of Spread (ROS), and also bushfire size, shape and direction. Fuel arrangement is as important as fuel quantity (tonnes/ha). Fibrous and ribbon bark, together withContinue reading “Speedy Moisture Meter.”