South Cascade Bridge.

In the wake of the 1939 bushfires, a major log salvage program was undertaken by the Forests Commission Victoria (FCV) across the Central Highlands. Logs salvaged from the Thomson Valley and destined for sawmills at Erica travelled on a complex network of timber tramways. Before the fires, the well-established Ezards company already operated several sawmillsContinue reading “South Cascade Bridge.”

Tom Crosbie Morrison.

Philip Thomas Crosbie Morrison, sometimes known as PTCM, but more commonly as just plain Tom, was born in 1931 and grew up in Brighton. It’s alleged that on New Years Eve, Tom, and his younger brother James, climbed the statue of Victoria’s infamous and colourful Premier Sir Thomas Bent, which overlooked the Nepean Highway, andContinue reading “Tom Crosbie Morrison.”

Forests Commission Logo.

The iconic Forests Commission Victoria (FCV) “two-tree” logo was designed in the early 1960s by graphic artist, Alan Rawady. The modern logo replaced the circular emblem with myrtle beech fronds that had been in service for many decades. Alan had the grand title of Artist and Display Designer and was part of the three-person PublicityContinue reading “Forests Commission Logo.”

Yes Minister.

Forty years ago today, on 4 May 1983, the Minister for Forests, Rod Mackenzie, announced in Parliament the State Government’s intention to “shake up” the forest service. The Forests Commission Victoria (FCV), and its predecessor the State Forests Department (SFD), had been stable and relatively autonomous authorities responsible for management and protection from bushfire ofContinue reading “Yes Minister.”

Joseph Firth – Macedon Nursery.

Joseph Firth was born in the Orkney Islands in Scotland on 12 August 1854 and emigrated to Australia in 1872 when he was just 17. Joseph married Mary Ridden and arrived at Mount Macedon to begin a lifelong and distinguished career in horticulture, firstly as gardener at Glencairn and later at Government Cottage. In 1885,Continue reading “Joseph Firth – Macedon Nursery.”

Bill Middleton – Wail Nursery.

In the 1930s, the Forests Commission took a leading role in stabilising soils in the desert country of northwest Victoria ravaged by drought and excessive clearing of Mallee woodlands for farming. Revegetation works by the Commission using Cypress Pine were carried out in the dry Hattah – Kulkyne forests in 1937-38 but it was severelyContinue reading “Bill Middleton – Wail Nursery.”

Cobaw Bushfire Staff Ride.

“Walking in their shoes”. Staff Rides can trace their origins back to the Prussian Army after the Napoleonic Wars. They were adapted by the US military and then more recently by many American fire agencies. They are now considered an essential technique to develop senior leadership skills. The Cobaw Bushfire Staff Ride in 2011 wasContinue reading “Cobaw Bushfire Staff Ride.”

Cobaw Escaped Burn – April 2003.

The summer of 2002-03 had been one of the largest and most prolonged fire seasons for many years. Huge bushfires spread across the Victorian Alps, NSW and even into some Canberra suburbs where four people died and over 500 homes were lost. People and communities were angry and several state and federal government inquiries wereContinue reading “Cobaw Escaped Burn – April 2003.”