Yellow Gum – VSF.

The grounds at the Victorian School of Forestry (VSF) at Creswick have many significant trees, some dating back over more than a century.

When Prince Charles stayed overnight at VSF on 28 October 1974 he planted a Yellow Gum (E. leucoxylon) near the science lab.

The tree survives but it’s a bit overshadowed by some trees nearby so hasn’t grown terribly large over the last 50 years.

3 thoughts on “Yellow Gum – VSF.

    1. Alan Eddy often told the story behind Charles staying at the school. There was a lot of protocols and security to go through. He had dinner with the staff and students and by all accounts enjoyed his stay. The alternative was staying at government house in Melbourne but he had appointments in Ballarat the following day. I think the big pines below the science lab are the reason for its slow growth. Cheers


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