Jensen’s wood yard – Fitzroy.

There were once over 500 of these wood yards across Melbourne.

During the Victorian Firewood Emergency from 1941 to 1954 nearly two million tons was produced from Victoria’s State forests and delivered to major depots by special freight trains.

Anton Jensen’s wood yard was at the Fitzroy siding on the now dismantled inner circle railway.

Steam Engine A1 837 is visible on the main line

The wood yard and railway siding were replaced by housing in Napier Street after the line was closed in 1981.

This view is looking south and the gasometer on the left was in Queens Parade. Built in 1859, the Fitzroy Gasworks was a key supplier of gas to Melbourne until closing in 1927. The site operated as a gas storage facility until the 1970s and has recently been dismantled.

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