Charles Thomas Smith.

Charles was born in January 1899 at Yarragon in Gippsland.

Following graduation in 1917 from the Victorian School Forestry VSF) Charles enlisted in the AIF (#57139) on 17 April 1918.

After embarkation on 16 June and arrival in Egypt where he underwent additional training and was allotted to the now famous 4th Light Horse Regiment in October 1918.

Charles quickly rose to the rank of major.

At the conclusion of the war, Charles returned to Australia on 15 June 1919.

His records of employment with the Forests Commission after the war are sparse.

He died in 1986 at Shepparton.

Photograph taken in the Chemistry Lab at the VSF in 1915 : Students from the graduating classes of 1915 and 1917 – (l to r) FG Gerraty, D Walker (Ballarat School of Mines – Lecturer), Charles Thomas Smith, A Small, T Hart (Principal), Charles Thomas Watson, Reginald Ingle, P Sims, W Trainor, W Zimmer, M Campbell, G McEwan

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