Reginald Graham Lindsay.

Reg Lindsay was one of the first foresters to graduate from the Victorian School of Forestry at Creswick in 1912.

He was also a member of the famous Creswick artist family and brother of Norman Lindsay, the author of The Magic Pudding.

Sadly, Reg was killed instantly in France with four other soldiers while queuing for rations on 31 December 1916 when they were hit by a shell landing directly on them, although it’s often more colourfully reported that he was shot “when dashing out of his dugout to rescue a bottle of rum” on New Year’s Eve.

That’s Reg… on the steps of Tremearne House, second from the left, with the snappy boater hat and hands shoved in his pockets. Apparently, he was a bit of a lady’s man.

He was 29…

In 1910, six students began classes at the Victorian School of
Forestry. Pictured on the steps of Tremearne House in 1912 are the
graduates. From left to right: Walter Henry Horn, Reginald
Graham Lindsay, Henry O. Felstead (Nursery superintendent),
Norman L. Boston (Nursery staff), J. Sampson, A. Ken (Nursery
staff), Arthur H. Warren. Source: University of Melbourne.

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